Doraemon & Shin-chan moved to [Saturday evening]

TV Asahi popular anime “Doraemon” (Friday 7pm) and “Crayon Shin-chan” (Friday 7:30 pm) will move from October 5th to Saturday evening, the station announced on the 22nd . “Crayon Shin-chan” will be broadcast from 4:30 pm and “Doraemon” will be broadcast from 5:00 pm.

The station broadcasts two programs on Friday evening at 7am for many years, but it is said that “Anime Time” was newly established and moved on the weekend evening that matches the time schedule of modern children.

“Doraemon” has a new program. In addition to the new opening, a new corner is scheduled to start. Meanwhile, “Crayon Shin-chan” started the distribution of the super spin-off animation “SUPER SHIRO” from October 14 to save the world, with Nohara’s pet dog, Shiro, becoming a superhero and expanded “Shin-chan World” I will go.

On September 6th and 13th, “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shin-chan” will broadcast special programs to commemorate the move.

On the 6th, “Movement Commemoration! Doraemon Birthday Special” is a two-hour story of the long-running story “The Labyrinth of the Labyrinth (Castle)” where Doraemon and his friends take a big adventure on the castle. On the 13th, “Crayon Shin-chan Septenba Moving Special” will be broadcast.

Doraemon Toshinchan’s broadcast time changes.

In the past, many TV animations were broadcast during Golden Time,

It seems that it is a flow that disappears.

Somewhere lonely.

I think that it is a time zone that is conscious of the framework of Conan and others of NTV,

I’m wondering if children will see that much on Saturday evening.

Although anime is said to be Japanese culture,

It looks like the terrestrial anime is getting uncomfortable.

Is that time? | Ω ・)

The feeling of becoming an evening



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