Tomochika is the manager of [Power Harassment] or⁉

Although Yoshimoto Kogyo’s house riots originated from the dark business issues of his affiliated entertainers, the entertainers who received sanctions returned to work one after another. Koji Kato, Koji Kato, who hinted at leaving Kato’s rebellion, announced his stay in Yoshimoto.

All that remained was the treatment of Hiroyuki Miyasako, the deadly corps after the rain, and the Ryu Tamura of London Boots No. 1, who had a meeting on July 20th.

“In-house reforms such as contract issues are regularly held by the Management Advisory Committee, which is composed of outside experts. As long as it doesn’t change, it won’t change until forever. ”

Although it is such Yoshimoto, the “ Weekly Shincho ” (Shinchosha) on sale reports that a petition appealing to the power harassment of Tomokin was submitted to Yoshimoto executives this year by two managers of Tomokin .

“In the past, Ed Harumi was afraid of young entertainers and employees of Yoshimoto, but now Tomochi-san. Anyway, with Tomochi-san, the atmosphere behind the stage is tingling.” )

Such a voice is also raised, but according to the magazine, the manager appealed against the bullying idioms of Tomonaga.

It is said that it is a plea that I would like you to remove the charge because of the miscellaneous words such as “I quit because I am not suitable” and sermons sometimes go into the middle of the night.

In fact, close friend managers have been replaced by nearly 20 people in the past 10 years, but Tomokazu has argued against the magazine and admitted that he had hit the manager tightly.

“ Ed, who was a popular child, gradually lost work, but there are some voices that Tomokachi will follow the same path as Ed ” (Entertainer Reporter)

Again, Yoshimoto had a nasty problem.

The allegations of power harassment came up close to me.

If this is true, the Yoshimoto Kogyo management side is the victim,

It’s very confusing.

Isn’t it more shocking that Ed Harumi was on top?

Tomokazu wearing a mask called Chizuko Mizutani,

Maybe you ’re trying not to be serious.

A mask called Mizutani



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