Sazae-san [Special Program] Broadcast Decision‼

Fuji TV’s national anime “Sazae-san”, which began broadcasting on October 5, 1969 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, will last 3.5 hours with a special two-piece dramas of special animation and live-action drama this fall. It was decided to broadcast SP program.

The special anime goes back in time and draws the family of Sazae who has never seen so much with fantasy elements. In addition, <your family who was recruited from all over Japan appeared in “Sazae-san”! > Of the 28 existing families selected for the project, 3 families will appear in the special anime under their real names. We expect to see what kind of chemical reaction will be born by adding a unique family to the world of Asahigaoka where Sazae-san lives. In addition, the story of Sazae’s family trip, which has become a regular in special anime, is also available. What kind of land will you go to this time?

On the other hand, Sazae’s family will be drawing in a live-action version of the drama 20 years later. Following the staged version of the Sazae family 10 years later that has already been announced, we will send a story of the heartful Kanno family with a drama original screenplay as a contemporary drama set with characters over 20 years old. Details will be announced at a later date.

In addition, with the broadcast on the 18th, Hiromasa Masuoka, the voice actor Masao Fuguda, will be the last appearance. Masou Hiroshi version Maso has been loved during the tea for 41 years, Hideyuki Tanaka will inherit the baton from the next week as the third generation.

Sazae’s special will be broadcast.

The 50th anniversary is amazing.

Because most humans have already grown up watching Sazae,

People who have the right to quit Sazae

Isn’t it already there?

May last forever | ω ・)

Eternal black phone



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