A crisis of [Debt 20 million yen] in Komuro Kei

Mr. and Mrs. Akishino and his wife arrived in Bhutan on August 17 and were greeted by the royal family.

Speaking of Bhutan, Sadako was officially visited in June 2005, immediately after the engagement report with Komuro. At that time, the country was congratulated to Choshi, but their engagement was postponed.

One year has passed since Mr. Komuro arrived in the United States. The three-year study abroad program is scheduled to complete a one-year LLM (Master of Law) course, and to enter a two-year JD (Doctor of Law) course from September.

On July 24th, the top performers of the LLM course were announced on the Fordham University website. Mr. Komuro was not included in the top 14 out of about 150 people, but was named after the next group of 15-37. I asked Mr. Naoshi Ueshiba, attorney Komuro’s representative, about this result.

“It ’s still in the process. Mr. Komuro is not relieved, satisfied, and looking beyond that.”

It’s a humble and positive answer, but when I asked if the scholarship was going to come, I’m not sure yet. I think the next program will start in September, so I think we will get results in August. That.

In the first year, Mr. Komuro, who won a scholarship that exempts all tuition fees of about 6.5 million yen, was originally “censored” for one year. Is it difficult to obtain a scholarship in the second year or later, even if the grade is rated as “excellent”? A journalist familiar with American scholarships says.

“Generally, in order to win a scholarship with a large amount of benefit, it is a good idea to enter the top 5-10% of the grade. Komuro’s first year scholarship with a full exemption is more difficult. There are only a few students in the school year, and Mr. Komuro’s grades are “upper and lower”, and although there are signs of effort, it will be difficult to obtain a scholarship with no obligation to repay.

When asked if there was a possibility of changes in future plans, Mr. Ueshiba replied, “I have decided at the beginning. There is no plan to return to the country so far.”

Previously, attorney Ueshiba said in the magazine’s interview, “Just because you didn’t get a scholarship in the second year, you can’t go on to the JD course. I was able to respond. ”

Probably, even if the scholarship for the second year or later cannot be obtained, it is possible to receive assistance through loans.

Living expenses for three years during study abroad are to be lent by Okuno Sogo Law Office, where he worked before traveling to the United States. Mr. Komuro has already covered his living expenses for the first year, which costs around 3.5 million yen, with debt.

In the first place, the postponement of engagement with Keiko-san was a financial trouble asking Komuro’s mother, Kayo’s ex-fiancée, Mr. X, to the Komuro family for a refund of over 4 million yen.

In addition to that, there is a possibility that the school and living expenses will be 10 million yen a year, and about 20 million “debt” in the remaining 2 years.

The comment from Mr. Komuro’s friend, “I have never seen luxury in my daily life,” was introduced in the Fuji TV series “Direct hit LIVE Goody! “was.

According to a friend, Mr. Komuro said that he was a pretty thrifty person, “ Cooking is basic self-cooking ”, “ Frozen preservation of self-made vegetable curry and continuing to eat during the test period ”, “ Laundry is accumulated and go to laundromat ” etc. . However, such a thrilling thrifty would be “burnt stone water” to generate a too high cost of studying abroad.

“Even now, Reiko believes in marriage with Mr. Komuro. However, if Mr. Komuro returns home with a large amount of debt even if he is able to obtain a lawyer’s qualification, …”


Satoshi Komuro seems to be in a debt crisis.

That said, are there any idiots studying abroad on a scholarship basis?

Even just Japanese,

I have a scandal,

If true

Isn’t it too challenging?

You can’t afford to get married?

I often talked to you | ω ・)

I will think.

In the first place, studying abroad is a certain amount of money,

Is there a financial margin?

Is it not checked at the time of admission?

Looking at places where monster mothers don’t stubbornly refund money,

Is it hard enough not to refund?

I get the impression.

Clearly, before the scholarship,

Look at the actions so far,

Marriage is impossible.

Even if it is possible institutional

I ’ll just wield the people,

It ’s not a blessing.

Marriage is impossible



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