ASKA left [Chageasu]

Singer ASKA (61) announced on the 25th that he will leave the unit “CHAGE and ASKA” with CHAGE (61). On the day of the 40th anniversary of the 1979 debut, the unit was effectively disbanded. The blog explains that it is more realistic to dismantle than prolong life. On the other hand, regarding the partner CHAGE, the affiliated office said that ASKA’s decision was “disappointing” and raised a gap between the two.

ASKA reported on this day that he will withdraw from Chageas. In addition, the blog said that CHAGE can only be communicated through lawyers, suggesting that there is a gap between them.

On that basis, he insists that if there is a complex that cannot do anything, the complex is meaningless. “I can’t do that in front of the feelings of the fans who are waiting for a restart,” with the name of Chageas being left behind and the fact that each other is devoted to solo.

In response, the person in charge of the private office of CHAGE said, “I am sorry that this situation has happened. I cannot answer any more.” However, according to a close official, “CHAGE always has a desire to revive Chageas, and that has not changed even now.”

Originally two solo-oriented people became duos at the intention of a third party, and climbed up to the top without leaving a sense of distance. Announced indefinite activity suspension in 2009, but did not choose to dissolve. After 10 years, there was no activity with two people, but even in the case of 14 years, dissolution was avoided. Why did it really break up now?

The interview with CHAGE was published in a women’s magazine in July. According to an official close to ASKA, “Due to the duo’s future being mentioned lightly even though the two had not reached an agreement, the serious ASKA seems to be totally untrustworthy to CHAGE.”

According to the staff close to CHAGE, CHAGE continued to work on the restart after the ASKA incident, “Since ASKA’s postponement has ended, we have met three times directly since September last year.” “CHAGE, who wanted to respond to fans’ requests, expressed his feelings to the fullest, but was unable to communicate with ASKA, who originally intended to break up when he suspended his activities in 2009. ” “SAY YES” and “YAH YAH YAH / Dream keeper” and two people who produced super-large hits. CHAGE announces comment on the 26th.

ASKA’s withdrawal was announced.

Since it is a two-person group, it may be said that it is dissolved.

It is said that the groove of each other has deepened,

After all, the decisive factor is

ASKA will be arrested | ω ・)

While being a stimulant addict,

It’s impossible to continue the activity.

Whether you have symptoms or not,

There must be no difference in being decisive.

If you really want to rehabilitate,

I don’t think I should be solo,

Because the companion CHAGE is also a betrayed victim,

The relationship is difficult.

The public is still suspicious



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