[Fabrication] production or⁉ for 24-hour TV content

“24 Hours TV” (Nippon TV series) is broadcast from 24th to 25th. Arashi served as the main personality, Asako Ito and Asami Minamata Nippon TV announcer acted as runners at the ekiden ceremony, which produced a great impression. However, the content of the broadcast of “Obuketsu Variety“ I don’t want to meet that person! ”, Which Kazuya Ninomiya served as MC, is controversial.

The beginning of the event is a scene where a popular entertainer EXIT, former Kano from the middle school age of Kaneki Taiki appeared. In the VTR, Kaneka was bifurcated at the time, and it was summarized that the woman who was dating “became distrusted by men”. However, Kaneka denied that this was too much! Because he had a break with a chara man character, he told him that he was “seven-legged”, but his partner Rintaro. Did not ride “do not do the right thing”. Actually, the former Kano is YouTuber, and uploads videos after appearing on the program. I was told by the program staff that I was bifurcated, but when I looked at the reaction, I thought, “I thought I didn’t.”

“Currently, Kaneka is known as a“ chara man but a serious character ”, but because of this project, his likability has fallen. However, the former Kano talked about the truth and the program ended. Later, Rintaro. However, it was revealed that the program was directed by publishing on SNS that Kaneka could not be denied. NTV’s program production method has been criticized. ”(Entertainment writer)


It is allegedly forged in the planning of 24-hour television.

As a matter of NTV

You can imagine the creation of the Itte Q festival plan.

It ’s that big fuss,

Even though the plan has disappeared,

Are you still doing that?

This time, EXIT’s cumshot seems to be a complete victim,

The human made

Did you think it was n’t?

When the roots of the forgery were done behind the scenes that the people did not even know,

Isn’t this a problem?

Well expensive gala is paid to entertainers,

I am also wondering about the 24-hour television itself, which appears to be fundraising.

Despite being completely out of material,

Making it every year means

That means there is intention.

Don’t hesitate



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