Opened Restaurant & Cafe supervised by Goro Inagaki

The restaurant “BISTRO J_O” and the cafe “J_O CAFE”, directed by Goro Inagaki, will open in Ginza on Friday, October 4th.

■ The theme is “A store where hopes come true”

The store was born as a “friendshop” in the pop-up shop “JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR” directed by Shingo Katori and stylist Yuuki Yuma.

The theme is “HITO-RI-EAT”, where everyone can choose their favorite dishes and make their wishes come true.

Supporting Inagaki is Hattori Nutrition College. Speaking of Hattori, Inagaki is the elite staff of “BISTRO SMAP” where he appeared for 20 years.

In addition, “J_O CAFE” store has original works by up-and-coming artists, including Shingo Katori’s works. You can enjoy an unprecedented experience-based time, such as an exhibition using AR.

In addition, new trials such as latte art and authentic coffee with barista Junichi Yamaguchi as an advisor and menu questionnaire using SNS are prepared.

[Outline of “BISTRO J_O” “J_O CAFE” friendshop with JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR]

Opening date: Friday, October 4
Time: “BISTRO J_O” lunch 11: 30-16: 00 (L.O. 15:00) / dinner 17: 30-23: 00 (L.O. 21:00) J_O CAFE “11: 30-21: 00

It seems that a store supervised by Goro Inagaki will open.

Because it is supervision, it does not seem to provide food directly,

By being able to enjoy the taste that the person is satisfied with,

It would be nice if you were a fan.

Is the person appearing like an event?

Three of the new map

Johnny’s office appearance pressure

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Isn’t it maintaining its popularity and playing an original role?

Will you go on TV or not?

It may not be the time.

Is it a surprise for the person?



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