Travel with Prince William Family [Cheap Airlines]

Local media reports that the British royal family has used LCC (cheap airline) to go on a family trip.

According to British media, Prince William’s family went to Scotland using LCC on the 22nd. Tickets are about 9500 yen per ticket. The family never noticed before boarding, and one passenger said, “I thought I was just a soccer player.” On the other hand, his younger brother Prince Henry and Mrs. Meghan are spending about 2.6 million yen on a vacation with a private jet this month, and the amount of carbon dioxide per person is more than seven times that of using a private aircraft. It is. Prince Williams and his wife have speculated that the cheap trip of the Williams and Mrs. Williams intends to put pressure on his brother and his wife.

It seems that Prince William traveled with LCC.

Well I’m Japanese so

It may not be relevant,

With those who travel on LCC,

Who goes by private jet,

If you say which is better,

It’s obvious (* _ *;

The Prince William family is too perfect and feels good.

Which is suitable for the image



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