Watch count increases on YouTube [law]⁉

Children love YouTube. For example, watching a video of a nursery rhyme “Thank You Song” on a cheerful xylophone accompaniment is a great pleasure. The animated nursery rhyme channel “CoCoMelon”, where you can see this video, has more than 57 million subscribers.

Children love to see other children playing with their toys open. The number of subscribers to the toy review channel “Ryan ToysReview” is over 21 million. The song “Baby Shark” is also popular, which may be because the shark dance is fun. There is also a possibility that it would be frustrating for adults.

This trend has been around for a long time. But now that tremendous number of subscribers and staggering views show how important a video with children appears on YouTube.

According to a report published by the Pew Research Institute in July 19, YouTube’s English video ecosystem is extremely popular for “content for children” and “content for children under 13”. He is proud.

Childhood seems to be advantageous on YouTube.

A decade ago, video sites

It was something that some enthusiasts enjoyed,

There is also the spread of smartphones today,

Because it spreads to children,

I feel the greatness of technology.

This is the time when you can watch YouTube casually,

The content is also

Order is great and great | ω ・)

That’s right.

I think it ’s okay for a child to watch or provide a video,

Try to get your child into the video for financial purposes

There seems to be monster parents, too.

Create detailed content and scripts

Parents who use children. . .

I’m scared just by imagining.

Enjoy the video



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