In Tottori Sand Dunes [Luxury Resort] Plan⁉

In the scenic area of ​​Tottori Sand Dunes (Tottori City), there are plans to attract luxury resort hotels to the western municipal land that has not been used for many years. Visits and inquiries have already been made, and the city wants to select a business operator in January next year.

The city-owned land is the former national dormitory “Sunekaso” (about 12,080 square meters) = abolished 1997 = in the city of Hamasaka, and the adjacent “Youth House” (about 4800 square meters) = 1982. It was a place to store residual soil from construction work and snow after snow shoveling. In February of this year, it was pointed out that it would be used effectively in the city’s comprehensive external audit.

Around this site, in 2007, an agreement was signed with a contractor in Osaka City that operates hotels nationwide, and a construction plan for a resort-type family hotel emerged. However, the plan has returned to a blank page because the economy has since deteriorated.

The city then established the Tottori Sand Dunes Future Conference to discuss the use of sand dunes with the Ministry of the Environment and prefectures. Regarding hotel attraction, the Special Working Group “West Working Group (WG)” confirmed that it would adopt the “proposal method” in which proposals were made not only for the facility design but also for the promotion of sand dune customers and tourism promotion.

City proposes general account revised budget plan including expenses such as appraisal of land and surveying 3.6 million yen in municipal assembly regular meeting of September 2 opening. City Tourism and Geopark Promotion Division said, “Attracting hotels near the sand dunes is an incentive for tourism. I would like to connect with the revitalization of the sand dunes while considering cooperation with the landscape and other facilities,” opening the hotel in 2022. Aiming.

On the other hand, a quality improvement WG was established on the 29th of Tottori Sand Dunes Future Conference. Assuming that a large number of foreign customers will be staying, we will also discuss measures with a view to overseas customers, such as installing an English signboard in the west area.

It seems that the Tottori Sand Dunes are turned into a resort.

I’m a person outside the prefecture so I’m not very familiar with it,

What are you motivating to go there?

Isn’t it a little weak as an impact?

Well it might hit foreign tourists,

I can not deny it generally | ω ・)

To see the dunes?



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