Child name [Alexa] drastically reduced

[London 29th Reuters]-According to statistics announced on the 29th, the number of parents who named “Alexa” for a baby girl in the UK in 2018 decreased by more than half compared to the previous year It was. The voice assistant of may have been affected by the same name.

Amazon’s smart speaker “Echo” responds to the call “Alexa” and can perform various operations such as adjusting lighting.

In the popularity ranking of newborn names in England and Wales in 2018, Alexa ranked 380th. 118 people have this name, but the number has dropped from 301 in 17 years.

“It may be because the use of technical assistants at home is increasing,” said Nick Stripe of the British Statistical Office (ONS).

The most popular names were “Oliver” for boys and “Olivia” for girls, which were the top for the sixth and third consecutive years.

Alexa seems to have drastically decreased.

Well, it ’s natural that you ’re wearing a machine.

I wonder if there are guys who make fun of that name | ω ・)

It seems that the name that reacts to each manufacturer is decided now,

The day when it can be changed to your favorite name from a technological perspective should not be far away.

Like hurricanes,

Do foreigners want to apply ordinary names?

Alexa is courageous now



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