[suiyododesyo] Latest work after 6 years

“Latest work” of popular variety program “How about Wednesday” (HTB) by Takayuki Suzui, Hiroshi Oizumi and others is completed.

October 4 (Friday)-6 (Sunday) in Hokkaido, Sapporo in 6 years, “Wednesday Festival 2019” venue and the final day 6 (Sunday) 47 prefectures movie theaters nationwide It was decided that “Live Viewing” will be screened ahead of the broadcast.

■ The latest work for the first time in 6 years, released by the “How is the Legion”!

From 2016 to 2017, performers and staff made remarks about the start of filming on the official website, SNS, and various events.

Information and speculations such as “It seems that the location has been accumulated many times this time”, “It seems that it will be broadcast in 2018 (it will not be broadcast after all)”, “It seems that only four people went on a trip after a long time,” The fans have been flying for over two years, but the truth remains enigmatic.

And this time, Mr. Suzui, “How about Mr.”, Oizumi, who has now rushed to become a national actor, and Tadatoshi Fujimura and Masamichi Ureshino, the director who leads the program with unique characters, unusual imagination and performance output The latest work for the first time in 6 years will be unveiled.

On October 4th (Friday) and 5th (Saturday), the first night will be held at the “Wednesday Festival 2019” venue, and on the 6th (Sunday) the “Wednesday Festival 2019” venue and movie theaters throughout Japan. “First Night” and “Second Night” will be screened during live viewing at


It seems that the latest work on Wednesday is completed.

Hiroshi Oizumi is a first-class entertainer in dramas and movies,

What happens regularly on Wednesday is

I’m thankful for the fans.

I’m not a human in Hokkaido,

I hope the latest work will be broadcast early in the region.

I definitely want to see



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