TBS [Bibit] Will it end in September?

Unfortunately it is sad news. Some viewers may have been looking forward to the various poses that Miki Shinya will perform at the weather corner of the TBS system “Bibit”, but it will be overlooked in September.

¡TBS clerk leaks

“With the program reorganization in October, Taichi Kokubun and Ms. Shinya decided to end“ Vivit ”as MC.”

For some time, the discontinuation theory was making noise in the media.

““ Vivit ”may have a rating of 2%, and it was a disastrous situation in information programs of the same time, such as TV Asahi“ Shinichi Hatori Morning Show ”with an average rating of 9%. In the 2% range, CM slots could not be sold.

Another clerk tells us about a new program that will start in October instead of “Vibit”.

“The program is called“ Good Luck! ”And Shiraku Tachikawa is scheduled to serve as the main MC. Mr. Kokubun and Mr. Shinya are off, and Mr. Kokubu is hosting the barter at midnight. The program will advance to Golden Time, but Maya does n’t seem to talk about that… ”

Was it a heavy load on Shinya, who served as MC since the spring of 4 years ago?

“I can’t hear the story of her being bad. I was losing the rival program of another station, and I moved Masaaki Horio as a commentator from the spring of 2017. , The staff were holding their heads. ”

The entertainment reporter explains the future of Shinya released from the band program.

“Maya is originally a person who wants to perform. When doing“ Vivit ”, there were restrictions on not being able to go to the local area on weekday locations, and the burden on Saturdays and Sundays was heavy. Therefore, we refused to offer drama There will be a lot more work in the future. ”


It seems that the bibit ends.

The battle of the morning information program is fierce.

From the viewer side,

I’m wondering why I’m fighting on a similar program,

It has become a wonder and classic.

I think the impressions of Vibbit’s main MC, Miki Maya and Taichi Kokubu are really good,

It ’s the impression that you had bombs around you.

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Maybe Mr. Maya often held her head.

It was a mistake in the selection of people around me.

That’s what an image is.

It seems dangerous



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