EXIT Kanechika [prostitution mediation] past arrest of arrest

“EXIT” is a popular entertainer of Yoshimoto Kogyo who played a big break with a serious character, contrary to his daring behaviors and flashy appearances such as “Vibes, Ikakeri” and “Pom Pom!”.

The sideline is a babysitter and nursing care job, and the good-looking characters who are contrasting with the appearance have been attracting attention, such as revealing on the TV program that they were helping their family after leaving high school.

In November 2011, it was found in the coverage of “Weekly Bunharu” that the out-of-focus person, Daiki Kaneka (28), was arrested by the Hokkaido Police Department at the police station on suspicion of violation of the Prostitution Prevention Law.

A local reporter from the local city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, explains.

“In essence, I was in the midst of prostitution. In April of the same year, I was told that a girl who met a high school girl student in Sapporo (19 at that time) through a mobile phone dating site in April. In a hotel in the city, he had a strange act and received 15,000 yen in cash.The girl student stated that he had a relationship with about 100 men in the desire to spend money. Have been convicted of fines. ”

At midnight on September 1st, when the “Weekly Bunharu” interview team hit Kaneka directly, the facts were easily acknowledged.

“Yes, yes. Yes, I came out with a fine of 100,000 yen in a simple trial.”

In addition, he showed an expression of relief and said as follows.

“Honestly, I’ve been talking to Yoshimoto for some time, and I’ve always noticed someone, and I was so happy that Mr. Bunharu knew it now. Yoshimoto told me “Don’t tell anyone” or “Never use it”

A spokesman for Yoshimoto Kogyo responded:

“We will refrain from responding to the details of the incident. We received a report from the person during a series of dark sales riots, but it is very advanced privacy information, so it is not necessary to profess I advised you to do that. ”

Kaneka is arrested, knows the importance of the law, and cuts past relationships to go to Tokyo.

“Weekly Bunharu” released on September 5 (Thursday) reports on the details of the prostitution case, as well as the past and another police story that Kaneka spoke for about 20 minutes. Also, “Weekly Bunharu Digital” will release a full-length video including a direct hit from 5:00 on the same day.


The past of arrest was discovered near EXIT.

Actually a serious Chara man character

It ’s a very disappointing impression that it ’s just established.

I ’m currently on the TV,

There seems to be some change.

It was a human being who crossed the chara …

It seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo is thinking about legal measures against the weekly magazine regarding this matter.

Although it is true, it also feels a little strange.

Rather, the dirt of Yoshimoto Kogyo, who had made the facts stop and appear on TV, was revealed.


Someday I will learn | ω ・)

It seems that I thought

The decline in popularity is inevitable.

If it’s more than a chara, it will blur




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