Ryo Nishikido opens office [Dengeki resignation]‼

Kanjani Eight / Ryo Nishikido (34 years old) announced that he would leave Johnny’s office in September. An electric shock announcement the day after the farewell party for President Johnny Kitagawa. What happened to the background?

“While Johnny’s wonderful achievements were being re-opened in wide shows and information programs, Nishido’s report of leaving the company popped out.” Why was this time? ” “It was true that there was a response,“ I did n’t think about it ”or“ I could n’t do it a little later ”.”

Actually, Nishido’s departure information has been rumored by the press for several weeks.

“There was a talk about leaving the group on September 3 when the 15th anniversary tour was over. However, I heard that there was a farewell party for Johnny, so the announcement will be a little later … (Sports reporter)

The first report about the withdrawal and retirement of Nishido was “Weekly Bunharu” released in March this year.

“Nishido-san decided to leave and decided to make a conclusion by summer. The reason is that Subaru Shibuya (37 years old) left for the purpose of pursuing music activities last year. At the stage where she left, it was recognized that she was no longer Kanjani Eight.

While many members discussed future group activities many times and many members made positive proposals, Mr. Nishikido insisted that the dissolution of Kanjani Eight should be completed if one person is missing. (Supreme Sports Journalist)

After that, it was said that a distance was born between members.

“Members understood Nishido’s strong independence, but had a complicated feeling about Shibuya ’s subsequent resignation. There was a report of “retirement”, so it seems that the relationship between the members was so jerky that it was difficult to repair. ”

Kanjani Eight, who entered the Tokyo from Kansai and had a hard time, was one of the attractions. Don’t let your fans feel the “groove” that sways when you leave the company – it may have been in the 15th anniversary tour.

At the concert, Nishikido and Tadayoshi Okura (34 years old) have similar hairstyles, and Yokoyama Yutaka (38 years old) and Akihiro Yasuda (34 years old) kissed the video, and the fans are still in good standing. Rejoiced. However, some fans seem to be worried about the concert.

“On the third day of the tour, 15 singles were sung in the encore. It was like a culmination of 15 years of activity. Yokoyama-kun and Murakami (Shingo) were in tears. On the other hand, Nishikido-kun smiled from beginning to end.

At the end of the encore and the last greeting, Nishido was the longest and most bowing. If I think of it now, it was the last greeting as Kanjani Eight, so I spent so much time ”(one of the fans)

Kanjani Eight and Nishikido take a new step from here.


Ryo Nishikido announced his departure.

The rumors were true.

Kanjani Eight is becoming more and more crazy,

Every time a member gets older

It may be unavoidable that the direction of activity changes.

It ’s an individual battle



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