Pacquiao announces virtual currency [Pac]‼

[Manila, Reuters] -Many Pacquiao, a boxing champion from the Philippines, announced his own virtual currency “Pack” at a free concert held in Manila on the 1st.

More than 2000 fans gathered at the concert, and Pacquiao performed the songs on his album.

Fans will be able to purchase goods by interacting with Pacquiao through social media by getting a “pack”.

“Pack” is listed on the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange “Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX)”. In addition to Pacquiao, investors include former England football representative Michael Owen and Abu Dhabi royal family Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Pacquiao, a Philippine senator, won Keith Thurman in July in the World Boxing Association (WBA) Welterweight Championship Match.

Pacquiao has announced a virtual currency.

The topic of virtual currency in Japan was a few years ago.

Pay everywhere you go recently.

After there was a spill problem

Dangerous things

It seems that recognition has spread.

Since this is Pacquiao’s virtual currency,

Will the price increase or decrease depending on the success of the person?

Unknown value



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