[Acknowledgment] Soshina, passionate coverage

A comedy combo, Soshina (26), confessed to her that she was living with her in the photo weekly magazine “FRIDAY” released on the 6th.

As for the crude product, mention was reported in the radio program of late-night broadcast on the same day, Nippon Broadcasting Corporation “All Night Nippon of Marbled Meisei”. When I was charged by the magazine reporter, I was surprised so much that I said “ I can not remember it with a big panic, I answered, how did you reply ”, in the article I denied dating a woman, She ’s living together, ”she confessed.

Continuing, the crude product, “I was glad that I thought I would someday, honestly,” and EXIT’s Daiki Kaneka, who is called “Comedy 7th Generation”, reports his past arrest history. Use the words you spoke when you were asked. As for the other woman, she explained, “I’ve been a messed up girl since I was in Osaka.”


Wasn’t the crude product a virgin character?

This time, she was admitted that she was living with her,

What was the virgin character on TV?

I don’t think it’s going to be criticized just because you’re disguised as a character,

Whether there was a need to do so?

Why did you do that?

I’m a little worried.



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