Romaji name notation is changed to [Last name → First name]⁉

When writing Japanese names in roman letters, the government decided that in the official documents of the country, last name → first name.

Masahiko Shibayama, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced on 6th at a press conference after the cabinet meeting. Mr. Shibayama made such a policy in May, but adjustments were continuing due to lack of alignment within the government.

As for the romanization of names, the Ministry of Education’s advisory body and the National Language Council (at that time) compiled a report that the surname → first name were desirable for the purpose of taking into account the diversity of language and culture, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs notified I put it out. Although all English textbooks at junior high schools have changed from last year to last name → last name, business cards and credit cards on international companies are generally printed on first name → last name. Even in the English version of the Prime Minister’s Official Homepage (HP), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s name was changed from “Shinzo ABE” to first name → last name, but it did not actually permeate.

According to Mr. Shibayama, Mr. Shibayama proposed at the ministerial meeting of the day, and the government agreed on the policy to start using first name → first name from national documents. In the future, each ministries and agencies will examine specific handling methods such as time.

The notation of the name in romaji has been decided.

It seems that the last name → first name.

It may not be directly related to us,

Is it the opposite?

I also feel that.

Domestic exchange may be good,

Isn’t it messed up if there are foreigners there?

If speaking in English is the opposite,

I feel that there is no sense of unity.

There’s probably a reason to bother doing this,

Is it easy to organize information on a computer?

It ’s the other way around



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