Face-to-face meeting between Masahiro Nakai and Takuya Kimura [two years and a half]

On September 4, a farewell party was held at Tokyo Dome for Johnny Kitagawa, who passed away due to subarachnoid hemorrhage (Kinen 87). The number of fans who attended was 88,000, the highest in the entertainment world. From 11:00 am, not only the talented talents belonging to Johnny’s office but also celebrities, OBs, etc. were invited to the “Participant’s Department”, and about 200 “Janny ’s children” were “parents”. I’m sorry. Two people in particular, Masahiro Nakai (47) and Takuya Kimura (46), were attracting attention at the venue.

“It was the first time in two years and nine months that the two people met in a public seat. Since the last round of“ SMAP x SMAP ”(Fuji Television) recorded on December 8, 2016 On that day, many fans and media gathered on Fuji TV in Odaiba, Tokyo, and Nakai and Kimura did not have a conversation and did not exchange glances during the recording. Later, there were no greetings from the members, we took a group photo and it was over, and since then I have heard that Mr. Nakai and Mr. Kimura have never met even in private. ”

At the farewell party on September 4, Masahiko Kondo (55) greeted on behalf of the office. Nakai and Kimura also stood in the center of the front row. However, not the neighbors but five seniors separated the two. It was around 9am in the morning that the talents who belonged to the Tokyo Dome began to gather.

“The rehearsal of the ceremony directed by President Takizawa (Hideaki) was held for about 20 minutes from 9:30. The talents were in a large waiting room until the“ part of the party ”starting at 11:00. I knew in advance that Mr. Kimura and Mr. Nakai would come, so since the dissolution of SMAP, there was a lot of tension in the field to welcome two people who would meet for the first time in a while. “(Event participants)

Kimura first appeared in the waiting room.

“Kimura-san always talked to Arashi’s Kazuya Ninomiya. Since they co-starred in the movie“ The Sinner on the Prosecution ”released last year, Kimura-san has brought Ninomiya-san into his home. Talking about 20 minutes, Nakai actually didn’t participate in the rehearsal, and entered the venue about 10 minutes before the production. ”

When Nakai rushed in, the surroundings were watching over the faces of the two people.

“Mr. Nakai entered the venue and exchanged words with Mr. Higashiyama and Mr. Kenichi Okamoto. But there was no direct talk with Mr. Kimura. There were too many talents at the venue. I did n’t show up in front of the subsequent interviews and OBs, and he said, “I’ll leave the venue soon after the flower arrangement” in advance. ”

In some cases, there were reports that the two did not meet their eyes. The above-mentioned music official says.

“There seems to have been obscure reports, but there is no such thing as“ they didn’t see each other at all. ”In fact, the two were greeted lightly. But I’m already an adult, so I don’t dare to do anything explicit in front of Johnny’s image. ”

According to the business people who know the two, this is the “style” of the two since the SMAP era.

“Actually, Nakai and Kimura haven’t had much conversation in the backstage since the SMAP era. When I was young, I went around the direction of SMAP. Nakai-san and Variety MC work, Kimura-san and actor work understand the fact that they are on different paths.Non-active conversation is the natural relationship between two long-time colleagues. What is it? ”

The reunion with Kimura for the first time in two and a half years would have brought back the memories of the SMAP era when he had a hard time.


What about Nakai and Kimura?

For the first time in two and a half years,

Each is not going to meet

That’s right?

So isn’t that bad?

I feel like,

Are you two who decided to stay at Johnny’s office?

Does it mean that you also have a part of empathy?

How you work is up to you,

It’s a pity that there is no place to go to SMAP songs.



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