Hong Kong supporters to the Chinese national anthem [Big Booing]‼

On the night of the 10th at the Hong Kong Stadium, the World Cup (Q World Cup) Qatar Tournament in the second Asian qualifying match against Hong Kong-Iran was held, and more than 10,000 Hong Kong supporters seemed to sing when the Chinese national anthem was played. I was exposed to a big boo.

In Hong Kong, protests against the government have expanded due to the revision of the “Fugitive Criminal Ordinance” that enables the delivery of suspects to the mainland of China. Protesters’ slogan “Necessary” happened naturally.

At a home venue packed with more than 13,000 people, Hong Kong supporters stood up in the national anthem performance of Iran, and applauded and cheered. On the other hand, when the performance of the Chinese national anthem “Yiwu March” was played for Hong Kong, which adopted the “One Country Two System”, a full booing covered the stadium, and some Hong Kong supporters turned away from the pitch. A banner stating “Hong Kong is not China” was also raised.

“I was born in China but not a Chinese, I ’m from Hong Kong, not a Chinese. I want to sing the national anthem. ”

“Hong Kong lost 0-2, but after the match, the stadium“ Sweet Hong Kong (not China) ”did not stop.

The Hong Kong government’s chief executive, Rinte Getsuga, resumed this fall’s “fugitive crimes” amendment this fall to allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China following expanded protests this month The legislative association (congress) to announce the policy of official withdrawal. However, in the fall legislative assembly, the “national anthem” proposal, which prohibits insulting the Chinese national anthem, may start debating, and is likely to become a new kind of fire with protesters and democrats.


Can you tell me your intentions in Hong Kong?

Isn’t this the year of Hong Kong transformation?

News of large-scale demonstrations reported every day,

It is a level that cannot be compared with the Korean anti-Japan demonstration.

The soccer team is Hong Kong,

Even where the Chinese national anthem is played,

China ’s intention,

I feel pressure.

It may be the moment when history is about to change.



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