Sudden pause in crazy journey [discovery of Yarase]

Announced that TBS was repeatedly letting them do on variety shows.

According to TBS, it is a project to find and capture rare reptiles of the travel variety program “Crazy Journey”, and it broadcasts as if the staff had prepared the creatures prepared in advance on the spot. It means that. It means that 11 types of creatures captured in the past 10 broadcasts have been prepared in advance. TBS commented, “We take this event seriously, and the program will be suspended until the survey is completed. We apologize to the viewers who are watching the program.”

Crazy Journey Suddenly Suspended from Broadcasting? ? ?

Yarase was discovered in Crazy Journey.

The broadcast suddenly stopped,

It’s a cliff as a program.

This is the fact of Yarase,

Who knew how far?

I’m very worried about that.

I’ve been watching the program from the first time so I’m very sorry | ω ・)

It seems that he was discovered on a reptile hunt trip by Professor Kato.

Find reptiles in the car,

I caught a big frog in the river

Does that mean viewers were being deceived?

I can only say that it is a shame.

Even if Yarase was discovered in downtown on Wednesday with the same feeling, I don’t wonder at all.

If Yarese is one of the few programs that I thought was interesting,

Isn’t it almost the end of TV?



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