Naomi Osaka sweetheart, [rapper],⁉.

The world’s top tennis player, Naomi Osaka (21) = Nissin Foods = released a love-love 2 shot with his lover and rapper YBN Code (21) on 12th.

The photo shows Kody kissing Osaka’s cheeks with the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Osaka expresses her affection in a straight line, “I am very grateful that you are in my life. I have always learned from you, inspired me and am very entertained (laughs). I love you, Kid.” Yes.

Osaka, who lost in the fourth round at the US Open, aiming for consecutive victories, fell from the top in the world, but did not show the ups and downs of intense feelings as before. It seems that there was hot support of the lover behind it.

Naomi Osaka has released a lover.

Your partner is like a rapper.

Somehow it is an image,

Are there many celebrities who associate with rappers?

Naomi Osaka has been reported as a Japanese for now,

Japanese is also a simple word

The contents seem to be stronger for Americans.

When Japan chooses representative players such as the Olympics,

You ’d want to keep her,

What will happen in practice?

Even if the United States has accumulated a huge amount of money,

Will you choose Japan?

It is attention.

Nationality is difficult because it is not easy to judge.



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