[Saw drunk driving] Reported woman, arrested for drunk driving

Drunk driving that occurs frequently all over the world, but there are many cases of serious accidents. In the United States, a woman who had drunk driving reported to the police that he had found a drunk driving, and the person himself was in charge. “New York Post”, “KSL.com” etc. have reported.

Last month, a woman called emergency number 911 in Woods Cross, Davis County, Utah, saying “There are people who are driving drunk.” The woman is Breanna Dawn Hernandez (32), who lives in St. George, the state, and was later arrested for drunk driving by police.

The communication commander noticed that Brianna was reporting strangely at the time. She was laughing constantly, burping, at the phone. The police statement said that he had “laughed so hard that he couldn’t control”.

And the correspondence commander urged her to tell the number of the car that drove and drove, and the number that was reported was that of Breanna’s car. The police officer of the Woods Cross police, who found Brenanna’s whereabouts, went to the scene.

Breanna noticed a police car and tried to get out of the car and escape, but was immediately caught up by police officers and detained. Because she was drunk and Breanna was violent all the time, police officers had to take her to a local hospital to calm down.

In addition, a bottle of whiskey “Fireball” that was almost empty was found in the car of Breanna. The next day, on the 17th, Breanna was arrested for drunk driving, misdemeanor, and finding alcohol opened in the car.

Breanna admitted her crime on the 3rd of this month and was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 6 months of probation for drunk driving. However, he was arrested for trespassing and misdemeanor on July 30, and is scheduled to serve in Davis County Prison for 12 days.

There is no motive for why Breanna reported himself to be arrested, but it can be said that he was all drunk with alcohol.


Are you looking at yourself objectively?

In a sense, it can be a provocation to the police,

Isn’t the behavior completely abnormal?

It is thought that there is influence of liquor,

Many people do n’t drive even when they ’re drunk,

I don’t call the police.

Because there is no reflection in such a person,

It should be treated so as not to bother others.



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