[Aori Airgun Man] Arrest

In a case where a 40-year-old man was arrested on the suspicion of damaging the property, the man’s acquaintance testified that shooting an air gun was a playful sensation.

Arrested suspect Tatsuhiko Sato (40) was driving a wagon car on the Tomei Expressway in Aichi Prefecture on the 8th of this month, firing an air gun on the car running in front of the car and suspecting that the car was damaged in four places Is leaning and admits charges for the investigation.

A person who knew Sato “I think that shooting an air gun was an everyday event.

The wagon car used for the crime was stolen in Yokohama in July this year, and later interviews with the police revealed that approximately BB bullets were found in this car.

Also, from July to last month, four cases of damage caused by tilting air guns using similar wagons in Kyoto and Kobe were confirmed, and the police are investigating the relationship.

Does this guy want or don’t want to know?
Aori Airsoft man was arrested.

It’s quite easy to drive.

Even if there is so much noise nationwide,
Do what you do | ω ・)
That’s right.

It is necessary to establish penalties such as the license cannot be reissued.
From the side that normally follows the rules, there is no help for it.



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