Kobukuro Kobuchi’s national anthem is [funny]⁉

Popular duo “Kobukuro” Kentaro Kobuchi will sing on the national anthem of Marathon Grand Championship (MGC) and Tokyo Olympics National Competition, Japan Championship (departing and arriving at Meiji Jingu Gaien) on the 15th Served.

On the net, “Kimigayo”, “Mr. Ogura”, and “National Anthem Chorus”, etc. after the song of the national anthem of Kosuge, received a great response, such as being ranked in 20th place in the Twitter trend.

On the net, “I woke up to Kobkuro Kosuge’s national anthem in the morning. I felt awkward when I flipped over from the singing…” “Oh, what’s wrong with Kobuchi-kun, it seems that his throat was out of control … he was also a runner because he was a runner. I thought that only that key came out. “Is it?”

“I’m watching MGC, but the national anthem was surprised from Kobukuro’s first voice, but was it the original key? I felt that the aptitude key was intermediate between the original key and Ok. “I was nervous and I could n’t see it directly. I ’m tired of the national anthem. I ’m going to work hard.” “The key was too high and I could n’t sing properly. Many comments were posted one after another, such as “I was nervous because the national anthem was singing!


Is your throat feeling bad?

Kobkuro Kentaro Kosuge’s national anthem

It ’s unique | ω ・)

It has become a topic.

I saw it on video,

Obviously it’s not normal.

I do n’t think professionals will make that mistake,

You may have some problem.

However, if the condition is bad from the beginning

Please refuse

It will be a story,

If there was a change just before, it can’t be helped.

It seems to be able to see that.

It was also a selection event for the Olympic athletes.

Various contracts and something

Is it intricately intertwined?

Isn’t it okay because it became a topic in the end?

Here too



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