In Arashi Ninomiya [cohabitation report]

Arashi and Kazuya Ninomiya (36), who are actively working toward the suspension of activities at the end of 20 years, were behind the scenes of “secret preparation”. According to an acquaintance of Ninomiya, Ninomiya purchased an apartment in the city center in March this year. In addition, the condominium, which is worth 300 million yen, is living with a former free announcer Ayako Ito (38).

In this magazine, two people who enjoy living together, such as witnessing Ito heading to esthetics from Arai and Ninomiya returning home by office car. The encounter goes back seven years ago.

“In August 2012, Mr. Ninomiya played“ news every. ”(Nippon TV series), who appeared to premiere“ 24 Hours TV ”, which is the main personality. After that, he co-starred with Ito who appeared as a guest in “VS Arashi” (Fuji TV series) in May 2014. Here they exchanged their contacts and deepened their friendship. I heard that we started dating around the time. ”

In July 2016, some weekly magazines reported the love of Ninomiya and Ito. Since then, it has been reported that two people are going on a trip.

“In April of this year, Ninomiya and Ito came to a horse riding club in Chiba Prefecture. It is well known that celebrities often visit in secret, but they try to hide them. I didn’t show it anymore, I enjoyed riding dating so openly that the customers around me were anxious. ”

However, behind the scenes, Ito was also “harsh baptism”.

“Mr. Ito sometimes changed her blog title to a movie that featured Ninomiya ’s starring movie, or uploaded a photo with a ring on her left ring finger on her blog. Ito was accused of “smelling girlfriend”, and in March 2005, Ito-san got down “news every.” In March of last year, she left the office. As a result, it has been suspended from performing arts for a long time.

A 300 million-yen mansion that was acquired in the fifth year of dating after overcoming hardships. There seemed to be a “Keime” like Ninomiya.

“Ninomiya-san has been appealing to his close friends many times over the past 1-2 years,“ I want to marry Ito-san in the future! ” it was not. but Mr. Ito is among you do not stand even the prospect of marriage, did not leave from Ninomiya-san. even after you pause the loved work, she Ninomiya’s is very grateful for his continued support devoted It seems that the fact that you bought a condominium and started cohabitation also shaped that thought. ”(Acquaintance of Ninomiya)

In fact, Ito is a dating photo essay released in November 2015 “Ito-san who everyone knows, Ayako-san who everyone knows. 』, He continues to have a strong longing for marriage.

<< Of course, I want to get married and have a desire to meet my children. However, this is just the area of ​​fate and fate (omitted). But I hope that someday will come.

Ninomiya seems to have finally decided on her thoughts.

“Ninomiya-san has been determined to marry Ito-san as early as 21 years. The suspension of activities was largely due to the intention of Satoshi Ohno (38), but as he proceeded with discussions with the members, Ninomiya also thought about his future, and when Arashi reached a milestone, he finally decided that he couldn’t make her wait forever. However, in the next year, I will make a “determined fate” after fully considering the feelings of Ito, who will be 40 years old. ”

Does it feel like a marriage countdown?

A cohabitation report appeared in Arashi no Kazuya Ninomiya.

even if you say so

There was a report about moving a little while ago,

It ’s not so much impact news.

Dating with top idols

It is a difficult position because you will buy criticism from many fans.

I wonder how much harassment is there | ω ・)



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