Golden Bomber Utahiroba, [Die twice] in 5 seconds in game‼

Following the last year, Satoshi Utahiroba of Golden Bomber, known as the best fighting gamer in the entertainment world, reported on Tokyo Game Show 2019. This time, I will play other games than my favorite game and open up new grounds as a gamer.

Utakuba-san went to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) next. You can try out various PlayStation 4 titles at the booth, but first challenge the latest “Call of Duty”, “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” to be released on October 25, 2019!

“Call of Duty” is a well-known FPS masterpiece. In the latest title, the movement of the enemy is close to a real human being, and you can taste a more realistic battlefield. In the trial play, you can enjoy a team match of 6 people.

I noticed that there was Utahiro who was on standby at the test stand and grabbed the gamepad. “I will see this pad for the first time.” Yes, the “Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller”, an e-sports controller for PlayStation 4 that was just released on September 6, was installed on the test stand of “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”.

The battle has finally begun! The moment I thought it started, Utahiro-san’s character is standing on the ground! ? No, it’s already done … Utahiro-san is confused as to what happened. Respawn in such a situation and resume the game. Going forward with an unobtrusive gait, it gets shot in no time … 】 Utahiroba, who was respawned and shot, and moved and shot repeatedly. It is killed twice every 5 seconds … Still, don’t get lost and look forward. “When I am done, I switch to the point of view of the defeated person for a moment, but everyone is moving in small increments. I already know!” I notice how FPS can move. Utahiroba was too defenseless and moved too much.

What is Utahiroba doing in various ways?

Recently, it’s a popular song square even for entertainers who have a bad athletic nerve.

Looks like you like games too.

It became famous as a member of Golden Bomber,

After all, I ’m one of the air bands,

You cannot survive unless you make use of other characters.

It looks like a visual dyed hair

It looks scary at first glance,

His character is bright

Isn’t it very suitable for variety?

If you leave the results as a gamer, you will get more attention,

I am also looking forward to future success



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