Kazunari Ninomiya, [systematic change] with non smoking⁉

Even after the 20th anniversary of the debut, the storm continues to be strong. An unusual event has occurred in Kazuya Ninomiya (36), a member of such a popular group.

“It seems like I’ve gained weight recently. He has been thin since he debuted, and his body shape hasn’t changed much until now …. The face was plump and his shoulders widened. Then, there are voices of worries such as “suddenly getting fat” or “being sick” (Ninomiya fans)

Whether he is aware of his fatness or not, he said this at the MC of the concert held at Kyocera Dome on August 30th.

“When I went to the Ningen Dock for a health checkup, I was told that the value of visceral fat was significantly higher than the standard value. Ninomiya fans)

Behind the collapse of the slim figure, there has been a change in the “certain habit” that he has continued for many years.

“I refrain from smoking. I used to see him at a smoking place where I used to work, but I haven’t seen him at all recently. It seems to be “(entertainment professionals)

Even in the drama “Black Pair” (TBS series) broadcast last April, there was a scene where Ninomiya smoked cigarettes, but smoking was not only in the drama.

“He was famous for heavy smokers. As soon as he got to work, he was looking for a smoking area and taking a dose. Recently, he may have gained weight because he quit smoking.” Entertainment professionals)

Even a weekly woman witnessed him smoking a cigarette between the locations of the movie “Platinum Data” released in 2013.

Masaki Clinic, director of Masaki Clinic, who also treats non-smoking outpatients, points out that overweight is the cause of overweight.

“Approximately 80% of people who quit smoking are said to gain 2 to 3 kilograms. By quitting smoking, their taste and smell are improved, and they feel that the food is better than before. “ Improved blood circulation and improved stomach condition will make your appetite increase and make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed. ”

However, getting fat is said to be temporary.

“We will gain weight for about three months to six months, but we will not continue to gain weight. To prevent obesity, it is important not to place high-calorie items first. After eating If you brush your teeth, it will make it harder for you to eat something after that.Exercise to change the state even if it is trivial, such as using stairs instead of an elevator. It ’s important to do. ”


Can cigarettes be a direct factor?

Kazuya Ninomiya quit smoking,

That changed my body shape

It ’s an article like this,

To narrow down the cause of body changes to smoking cessation

It’s a very attacked article | ω ・)

It may be simply lack of exercise,

It may be too much,

The reason is beyond imagination, right?

It ’s also attracting attention from all over Japan.

It may be due to stress,

Maybe it ’s age

Although each person originally smokes tobacco,

80% increase by 2.3?

I was able to understand that well.

The taste is delicious

I tend to eat a lot

Isn’t it better to stay at a certain level?



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