Anri Sakaguchi from the green juice prince [1 million yen] get‼

Former actor Anri Sakaguchi (28), who was arrested for breaking into his former partner’s home apartment and bailed on August 30, updated his Instagram by 19th. Two shots with Yuta Misaki (30), former president of Media Hearts Co., Ltd., who was arrested on suspicion of tax evasion and was convicted of 2 years in prison and 4 years in jail.

Mr. Misaki will donate “180 million yen”, which is said to have evaded tax, on the 6th of this month for the future of Japan. “Please follow me on how to apply (you can remove it after the winner is announced) and watch the video in the lip column and RT this tweet.” Anri retweeted Misaki’s post on the 10th and applied for “Anri Sakaguchi!”.

And on this day, Anri said on Instagram, “When I saw Yuta Misaki’s live broadcast, I was surprised to receive a phone call. Actually, I met Yuta Misaki yesterday and received a million yen! ”And“ Won ”. I uploaded a picture of a wad of two people.

Anri apologized for arrest at Youtube and SNS on the 1st, and declared to act as a YouTuber on the 12th. “At that time, you took a picture of YouTube, so please watch the video soon!” Mr. Misaki immediately appealed the video, but from the follower, “It ’s already messed up,” “I ’m not going to use it for the earned money host!” “The world is working with a sweat!” “I was cheering but somehow disgusted” “It ’s just a selling act” “Wonderful feeling” “One million is in trouble How about using it for people who are suffering or suffering? “” I was worried since I was arrested but lost because I was worried “” My mom is crying. ”

Isn’t the negative energy too strong?

Anri Sakaguchi got 1 million yen.

With those who want money
Those who want to advertise

There is no negative energy when two criminals form a tag.

What happens when I see these articles

Because we are ordinary people,

They have no emotion

That’s right | ω ・)

Let ’s keep it to a certain extent.

I think they are poor people,

Do you need to be compassionate?

To entertainers who give positive energy

You should spend time.




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