Avex newcomer who does not appear in the media [CG theory]⁉

Called “Post Ayu” and “No. 2 Hamasaki Ayumi”, the idol singer who made her debut in May this year has said that there is a virtual idol theory.

In May of this year, Ansei released a free distribution single “I felt like all the enemies in the world and loved loneliness”. In Ayumi Hamasaki’s autobiographical novel “M Beloved” (Gentosha), which is reported to be dramaized next spring, there is also a media that reports the name of Asami as the leading candidate for the role of Hamasaki.

Meanwhile, the “Ansei Karen Virtual Theory” that is currently being sought by Internet users. Why was such a rumor born?

“One of the reasons is that even though Anxi is a new avex artist, he does n’t appear in the media at all. Even if you look at the official website, there will be no TV appearances and no live shows. There is no such thing as a quiet debut that is unusual for an avex singer, and the staff has been updated by SNS, and there is a sense of incongruity that you can’t really see what kind of person it is. ”

In addition, it is said that the “CG feeling” that can be felt from Ansai is boosting the virtual theory.

“A lot of photos of Anzai are publicly available, but almost everything is expressionless and lifeless. There is a possibility that they are selling with such a concept, but there are also photos that have their own CDs at Tower Records stores, Although there is a shadow, it is also pointed out that “Background and Anzai are floating” and “Even if you look at the composition”, PVs that are currently announced are also sung by Ansei in the virtual world. “ It seems that it is only a virtual made by mixing all the data of Suzuki Ami ”, “ It seems that avex singer’s total financial idol so far ”

Really, Ansai really exists, and is there really a star in “M”? I would like to pay attention to future developments.


Isn’t it CG-like?

Looking at the photo

It ’s a little made,

Is it only me who feels FF?

Make a topic with such an urban legend

It may be a strategy of selling newcomers,

The details are a mystery.

If it is an anime character,

If you add movement with CG,

On the contrary, it is a tough work.

Just do n’t appear in the media

What is the purpose? | ω ・)

I’m interested.



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