Takagi Saya [Cannabis becomes a boom like tapioca]⁉

Looking at the world, the movement of legalization of cannabis is a flickering. Canada and California have also lifted the ban last year. That’s why Takagi Saya (56). Former actress actress was convicted of possession of cannabis two years ago and is still suspended, but where is the “reflection”? If you look into Twitter, the topic is cannabis every day! Cannabis! Cannabis! ♪ claims to be like a tapioca boom …

“I’m going to pull away from the line of activities related to cannabis.” “I no longer qualify for it.”

Immediately before receiving the judgment, Takaki spelled out in his journal (“Weekly Shincho”). Well, no one believed it was possible, but if you looked into Twitter, it was like a jungle of cannabis grass in the head.


In other words, just want to do it?

Takagi Saya can’t leave Cannabis.

Legalize cannabis for medical use

Sometimes there are people.

I don’t know in theory,

Only humans who are uttering voices are stinking.

I just want to suck it for taste | ω ・)

I say that there are few dependencies,

It depends so much.



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