Ichiro’s grass baseball debut is [Maji]‼

Ichiro (45 = special assistant and instructor with the current Ma army chairman) who retired from the Mariners in March this year is now off, and it is known that the grass baseball debut will be on 16th (Japan time 17th). This is what he revealed during the coverage of Sponichi, and formed a team with friends who supported the self-training during his career. Relievedly play a team with Chiben Wakayama officials in Kobe. He also revealed his desire to establish a grass baseball league in the future. (Communicator from Seattle, Yukihiro Hamada)

Grass baseball will be the stage for Ichiro’s new battle, which was held on 14th in Seattle. “I want to play pure baseball again. I don’t think there are many people who have done in the professional world and who have left their results over time, but there are quite a few people who want to go back there.” . Mr. Ichiro’s eyes telling me that he was shining like a boy.

It consists of friends who acted as owners, directors and aces themselves and who supported voluntary training in Kobe during their active days. Some have experienced baseball, but most are amateurs, “some people buy rule books now and study.” The team name is “KOBE CHIBEN”. The beginning was the relationship with Chiba Wakayama, a prestigious high school baseball player who fought hard against Seiryo in Koshien this summer.

In November of last year, I happened to watch the Akashi sales battle of the Kinki tournament that was held in Kobe, which is the base of the independent training, and was impressed by the support centered on the brass band. The story was passed on to the school through an acquaintance, and Mr. Ichiro visited the school to serve as a greeting for President Kiyoji Fujita. In December, a brass band rushed to a self-training and performed performances such as “Jockey”, a famous magic song.

The opponent of the first match that should be commemorated is “Wakayama Chiben”, a grass baseball team centered on the faculty and staff created by Mr. Fujita to fight against Ichiro. “I want to do my first match there. The uniform is a high neck on a white background and I designed it. It looks cool. It ’s my respect for the opponent to not use kanji in our team name.” It was decided that it will be held in Kobe this year using soft balls.

That is not the end of Ichiro’s dream. “I don’t want to play in grassy baseball, so I want to create a league in the future. Teams from all over the country will play in the finals in Kobe. Grassy baseball is a great baseball. It ’s not negative for the world, you can bring your kids and you can see my play.

A pure desire to enjoy baseball, and a return to the Japanese baseball world. The second chapter of Ichiro’s baseball life, which has struggled with immeasurable pressures and unprecedented records for 28 years in Japan and the United States, is now off and the curtain opens.


Was n’t it a joke?

Ichiro seems to make a grass baseball debut.

At the time of the conference, there was a word called grass baseball,

Just a joke,

I thought the contents after retirement were secret.

Some people want to become coaches and directors if they become Ichiro class

I think there are many,

There may be a part that Ichiro himself wants to enjoy pure baseball.

Like a baseball coach

The stomach seems to tingle in important scenes.



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