Universal Studios Beijing [2021] opening

Construction of a huge theme park is proceeding at a rapid pace.

The red flag is at the highest point of the skeleton. “Universal Studios Beijing” aims to open in 2021. According to Chinese media, the basic construction has already been completed. It seems to be the world’s largest universal studio, surpassing the “Universal Orlando Resort” in the United States. According to reports, Chinese taste is also included in abundantly. For example, Kung Fu Panda area and contents that collaborated with Son Goku familiar with China are being considered.


USB for short?

Universal Studio Beijing seems to open.

An image of a Chinese theme park

Fake feeling | ω ・)

Is soaked,

With the opening of official theme park parks like Universal Studios,

The quality in China will also improve.

In the Showa era, Japan was also plagiarized by the West,

I can’t deny the part that has made it a stepping stone,

The future of China may be amazing.

It ’s not good to make Pachimon without permission,

The ability to make something similar right away is tremendous.

Universal Studios is not a fake.



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