Matsui Jurina [again]

SKE48’s Matsurina Jurina (22) was unwell and found to rest for a certain period on the 25th. It was announced on the official website of the office. Explained that physical condition continued, the condition was not perfect, and continuous work was difficult. Jurina was suspended from last June to September due to poor physical condition.

“This time, Matsui Jurina has been in poor health and has been absent from some activities. Unfortunately, she has been trying to recover, but unfortunately it is still in perfect condition. Although we have searched for a system that will manage the work of the staff, including ourselves, it is difficult to continue working at present, and we will discuss with the relevant parties. As a result, I was able to rest. ” “We will be happy to accept that you will be closed for private emails and other SNS updates during the period of inactivity.”

“I ’m sorry for the fans and people who support Matsurina Jurina, but I ’d like to thank you for your understanding. I will report it again.We will report on future activities and responses, so please be patient. ”

SKE’s official website also reported that “we have decided that it will be difficult to work on the work you are doing at the moment, so we will take a break for a certain period of time”.

After having won first place in the “10th AKB48 Selection General Election” held on June 16, last year, Jurina broke down and stopped some activities. Next July 7th, we announced the temporary suspension of activities. On September 6th, they visited a performance at a private theater in Nagoya City, and showed their fans their first appearance in 82 days. The following day, on September 7, he lived on TV Asahi “Music Station” and returned to work at the center of the new song “Sentimental Train”.

Planned to play the lead role, Shozo Hirono (Bunta Sugawara) in the stage of Fukuoka / Hakata-za staged in November, “The Battle of Ninoyoshi: The Death of Her Girls” (November 9-24) However, AKB48’s cast change to Yokoyama Yui (26) was announced on the 22nd of this month.

The solo album “Privacy” will be released on October 5th as planned due to the strong desire of the person.

Is n’t it the second time of activity suspension?

Many people in the group are aiming for this high position,

The top people are in an environment where they feel unwell

I think it ’s a great world.

People who sold as idols

I regularly leave the group in the form of graduation,

In some ways, the physical limits may come.

Once you have established a certain position,

You can’t graduate with a piece of paper,

The person himself will be tough.

It’s a story that you don’t hear much about taking a rest twice.

The pressure of success is also great.



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