TOKIO Shigeru Joshima [Marriage]‼


TOKIO leader Shigeru Jojima (48), who announced on the fan club site that he will marry the talent Risa Kikuchi (24) early in the morning on the 28th, is the morning TV Asahi “Weekly News Leader” (Saturday at 6:00 am) And reported on their marriage again.

Jojima was blessed by Yoshizumi Ishihara et al. Continuing, “I ’m sorry for my personal affairs, but I ’m getting married. There ’s a child in the stomach of my partner. I ’ll be 50 years old next year, but I ’d like to do my best. Thank you for everything. ”

According to several officials, they started dating several years ago and will submit a marriage registration soon. On the fan club site, “I’ve been doing half of my life as TOKIO and as a senior of the group. I think I should make a good report so that I can be a man as a leader. “I was feeling.”

On the 28th, a conference will be held in Tokyo to talk about details.

Isn’t it quite late?

Shigeru Jojima announced marriage.

Many people think so,

If you think about the human nature of Jojima leader,

No objection

It ’s perfect happiness news.

I don’t know anything about the other talent,

If the leader has chosen

I ’m sure there ’s no problem | ω ・)

Humanity is important.



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