360 million yen stealing, use [1.5 million yen] to escape

It was found that 360 million yen was stolen and 1.5 million yen was not enough.

Takutero Ito (28) was arrested on the 27th for allegedly stealing 360 million yen from a security company in Saitama on the 4th. According to the police, Ito was hiding cash in three places, including coin lockers in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. When the police collected the cash and calculated it, it was found that the amount from 360 million yen to about 1.5 million yen was not enough. For three weeks after running away, Ito was in Tokyo and Chiba. The police are investigating that they used 1.5 million yen as a escape fund for accommodation and taxi fees.


A strategy confused by the city?

Ito Takuteri was arrested.

Apparently they were arrested in Tokyo

It seems that the strategy was confused by many people.

However, it is Tokyo, the big city.

Perhaps it’s natural to think that security cameras are stretched around.

I made a mistake,

I don’t know if it will be sooner or later,

For the time being, the one stolen is also safe | ω ・)

Isn’t it still good if it is 1.5 million yen out of 360 million yen?

It wasn’t strange to throw away 100 million yen because of the hindrance.



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