Japanese, [World Champion] DJ World Championship‼

The Japanese DJ won the tournament in London to decide the best DJ in the world.

Mr. Matsunaga who won the championship: “I think it’s the future that feels like a real feeling, so I think I’m just ready to bite the feeling that it was good. Thank you.”

The world’s largest DJ tournament “DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS” is where DJs from various countries compete within the time limit. DJ Matsunaga, who won the Japan tournament last month and became the first to participate, fascinated the venue with an original style, and gained the world’s best position, defeating the champion from New Zealand who won last year. did.


Is the technology great?

Japanese won the Dj tournament.

Enchanted the venue with an original style

Is written,

If you are not familiar with the general public

Before creative things

What is the basic thing?

I’m worried about that.

I think Japanese are pulling the top of the world

I feel somehow happy.

Please listen after all

Happiness | ω ・)


Best | ω ・)

If you think

The person who provides it is wonderful.



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