Yadon [Manhole] debut‼

A manhole lid designed with the “Yadon” character of Pokémon, who plays an active role as the “Udon Prefectural PR Group”, was revealed in a shopping street in Takamatsu City.

Yadon also rushed and was pleased with the completion of the lid.

According to Takamatsu City, the lid is a pattern where Yadon lies in front of a bridge reminiscent of Engetsuki Bridge in Kuribayashi Park, a special scenic spot in the country of the city. In order to visit the shopping street, it was installed under the Minami-Sanmachi Dome where the three shopping streets of Minamishinmachi, Tamachi, and Jobancho intersect.

Last year, Kagawa Prefecture and Pokemon (Tokyo) signed a “cooperation and cooperation agreement on regional revitalization” for the promotion of tourism and local products. Yadon, who has a similar sensation as “Udon”, has been appointed as a PR role.

Manhole covers with Yadon will be installed in 16 cities in the prefecture except Utazu.


Is the choice too surreal?

Yadon made his manhole debut.

I am the generation where Pokemon was released when I was in elementary school,

I know about characters,

Your choice is too awful | ω ・)

The reason that the name is similar to udon is also a mystery,

Waste of money

It also feels like

I feel that it would be better to have a society that has such humor.

Because Yadon has a Pokemon brand,

Local character is dissatisfied.



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