Dismissed Ryo Nishikido opened [Instagram]‼

Ryo Nishikido (34), who left Kanjani Eight in September and left Johnny’s office, opened his own Instagram on the 1st.

Nishido posted a smiling profile photo. “10/1 I thought I had to prepare a lot for this day,” he said, “I’ve done everything I can. There are many unexpected things, but I want to laugh and have fun. I think, “he said. In addition, a hash tag was added as “# tax increase” based on the fact that the consumption tax was raised from 8% to 10% from the 1st.

From this fan, “We are looking forward to the future Ryo Nishikido!” “Please do your best” “I will support you without losing the tax increase!” “I will continue to support you from now on. Etc. “gathered one after another, and the number of followers exceeded 100,000 in 30 minutes from the first post.


Is n’t it easy to leave?

Ryo Nishikido has left the Johnny’s office.

It’s a situation where members are missing from Kanjani Eight.

First of all, we had a long time with 7 people,

I don’t think I’m going to add more numerical tsukkomi now.

Although popular

A person from Johnny’s office

Will Johnny ’s fans continue to support you?

How is it actually?

If you do n’t have a chance to go to a concert,

You ca n’t see it live,

Naturally, the number of fans will decrease.

Does that mean that?



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