Hiroki Narimiya’s [Aibo] return to fake

Actor Hiroki Narimiya (age 37) denied on October 3rd his report on Twitter “activities resumed with“ Aibo ”” as “Fake News”.

The news is that NEWS Post Seven, dated 2nd, concludes that Narimiya has decided to return as a “friend”. In response to this, the fans who were waiting for the return were cheering, but Mr. Yasuhiro Usui who worked on the script of “ Partner ” on the same day said on Twitter “ Because it is no longer a feature, it reacts one by one I didn’t mean, but I can’t overlook this fake news. There are a lot of people who believe in obedience and rip in joy … ”

On the 3rd, Narumiya himself tweeted, “Thank you for the news, that is fake news,” “Thank you for listening.” “I felt like that”, and so on.


Isn’t the drug suspicion irritated?

Narimiya Hiroki’s partner spread the news of returning

Looks like it was a fake.

I believe it too,

Yutaka Mizutani is also a sweet person | ω ・)

I thought

That’s not true.

Narumiya Hiroki who retired immediately after drug allegations were taken up

I ’m completely suspicious.

Although it is not clear whether it is true or not,

It is a mystery that the story does not come out from the mouth of the person sending information.

If there is an unreported report

Please believe me,
I’m not doing that at all.

Don’t you think it’s more natural to keep saying?




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