Tapioca, the majority [disliked]⁉

Tapioca drinks that are now found throughout the city.

Tapioca is a force that drops flying birds, but some people may actually dislike it. No matter how popular it is, not everyone likes it, and the negative side has been taken up by the influence of the boom.

To answer such questions, J Town Net conducted a reader survey with the question “Tapioka, do you like or dislike?” From August 15 to October 1, 2019 (total number of votes: 1616).

Is there a regional difference in this? What is your concern?

17.8% answered “I like it”

There are 3 choices: “I like”, “I don’t like”, and “Neither”. Here is a summary of the results of the national survey in a pie chart.

As you can see, 51.7% (836 votes) of respondents answered “I don’t like”, and far away from others, leading to the 1st place. “Neither” was followed by 30.5% (493 votes), and 17.8% (287 votes) of respondents who answered “like” was the last surprising result.

Tapioca is too unpopular that one in two answered “dislike”. What was the Tapioca boom? It can be said to be a miserable result that makes you want to doubt your eyes.


I don’t care about tapioca itself, right?

In an unprecedented tapioca boom

Tapioca was lifted by the media at once,

In fact, it does n’t seem that much.

I have n’t been able to drink yet,

Many people may have spent a lot of money on that black ball.

If you think of a real amount,

For milk tea with that tapioca

I don’t want to pay 600 or 700 yen | ω ・)

Is n’t it?

I think it’s good to try it once.

Isn’t that a boom?

Does it feel like the peak has passed?



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