EXIT Kanechika, had been arrested even [theft] in the past!

Comedy Taiki (28) and Rintaro from the comedy “EXIT”. (33) appeared as a guest on the TBS series “Bakuho! THE Friday SP” (Friday, 7pm) broadcast on the 4th. It was featured on past crimes reported in the September weekly magazine.

In the program, Kaneka reported that he had been arrested not only for the weekly magazine report but also for the theft of stealing a safe with cash of 10 million yen in 2012. The charges were released without charge after 10 days of detention.

Kaneka’s mother (53) appeared in the program. When I was arrested for the second time, I said, “I don’t think I can think of it, but don’t run this child at the entrance, so don’t handcuff me.” .


Isn’t it a chara man or a serious person?

New arrest history of EXIT and nearby has been revealed.

The past that should not come out

I’m going out and going out | ω ・)

Because there is no reason that Yoshimoto Kogyo has not grasped these past,

It must have been kept as a TV story.

If you think so

Not a chara man

In fact, I kept trying to be said to be a serious person

I understand somehow | ω ・)

If you were pushing an arrested character at the beginning,

You can’t get a TV.

Well, Yoshimoto Kogyo is a family

I will protect you.




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