PayPay, use concentrated [failure occurred]⁉

On October 5, SNS reports that it is not possible to pay with PayPay, a barcode payment application. PayPay is limited to October 5th, and “PayPay Thanks Day” is being implemented to increase the return amount to a maximum of 20%. It seems that the failure occurred due to the concentration of many uses.

PayPay released the support information on the 5th, “When the standby screen is displayed with scan payment”. We have announced that there may be a “standby screen” when processing payments for scan payments due to the large number of uses. The standby screen may be displayed even at 17:00, and it may take some time to receive with “Send Balance”.

▲ “Standby screen” displayed when payment is delayed

In addition, PayPay began emergency maintenance for some functions at around 17:45 on the 5th. The balance charge by Yahoo! card and PayPay payment by credit card cannot be used.

As for the return of the campaign, there were some that were not reflected in some settlements at midnight on the 5th, but it is said that it has been granted normally.

Are you still worried?

It seems that some usage problems occurred on PayPay Thanksgiving Day.

Well, pages that concentrate on the Internet, etc. will not work,

That was the original possibility,

Just because money is involved

I want that area to be solid.

The page does n’t display well,

Many people have given up on the points.

If you did n’t pay well,

Want to know the exact cause?

It ’s hard to connect

Even if an error message appears

Is the cause model or app or Wi-Fi?

I feel anxiety in places I can’t identify.

Such places are improved,

In the first place, it would be nice if you evolved so that you can settle your account with a margin | ω ・)




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