Hometown tax-paid Japanese beef, [almost fat] flaming

A post saying “almost fat” on the SNS was posted on Miyazaki Prefecture’s hometown of Misato Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, and the criticism of the town is spreading on the Internet.

The town posted an apology on its homepage (HP).

The return product, which has been criticized, is Miyazaki Prefecture’s meat processing and sales company that handles 800 grams of sliced ​​black beef from Miyazaki Prefecture. The man who received the return item posted on Twitter on the 5th night with a photo of the return item, saying that “almost all fat items have been sent”. The net is criticized for towns and other places.

According to the town, there is a possibility that the original minced meat was mistakenly packed, and this is probably due to the lack of checking at the factory due to a shortage of labor.

The town said, “I was very sorry to deliver a product that was not suitable as a hometown tax return product, and I was very sorry. Even if you were a Miyazaki citizen and a member of the livestock industry in Miyazaki, I apologize for any inconvenience. ”



Is it possible to apply Japanese black beef sticker with only fat?

It ’s completely out.

Did you think you could lose it?

Are you completely crazy about SNS society?

Possible packing error

Is a lie at the time of saying,

It is the image of Japanese beef from Miyazaki Prefecture that has become established throughout the entire nation.

How negative will it be?

It’s better to know that.

It ’s a return gift so it ’s good

You can see the thought of that.



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