Shinya Kote apologizes for [single camouflaged adultery]

Actor Shinya Ote (45), a late-breaking break in the dramas “SUITS / suit” and “confidence man JP”, apologized on the 10th official website for the “single camouflage” affair reported on Weekly Bunchun Online on the 9th . When I received a direct hit, I was “panicked and totally denied”, but I explained that I told the truth in the second interview. “Everything I feel is immoral, I feel the immaturity of my own self, and I have been deeply struck by and reconsidered as never before.”

In this affair report, he vows to “recover all the voices of disillusionment and criticism” and “restore spiritual integrity and trust”.

It was reported that a wife with a wife and child had a gender relationship in 17 years, pretending to be single to a fan she met on Twitter. In 18 years, she was said to have said goodbye from a hand.

[The following is the full text of the handbook posted on the official website]

To all the fans who support us, to the people who are indebted to us, and to those who feel uncomfortable after reading this article

First of all, we apologize for the great inconvenience and concern that you have made with this weekly Bunchu article.

I received an assault interview during the trip from a former reporter, and because I was quite panicked and totally denied, I received a request for a secondary interview to confirm the fact while remembering the time after returning home, and responded seriously to me As a result, I was invited to a situation where even my family could not be protected.

Everything is my innocence, I feel the immaturity of myself, and I have been deeply struck by and reconsidered as never before. Regarding this matter, I received all the voices of disillusionment, voices of doubt and criticism, and tried to restore my sincerity and trust as a fact that should not end in me. We will try to avoid misunderstandings. I sincerely apologize to all of you who have been inconvenienced in this matter.

Isn’t your partner dangerous?

Shinya Ote apologized for the affair.

One case this time

Single impersonation affair

It is said that

From where Shinya Ote disguised himself as a single

It seems that it was called that way.

A little interesting | ω ・)

However, if you have already parted from the person

A relationship that is over,

Because it is a woman’s counterattack in the time difference

Isn’t this in a sense revenge porn?

Is it only me who thinks?



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