The latest Pokemon Ponita is [Esper]‼

New information on the latest game “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” (official abbreviation: Pokemon sword shield software for Nintendo Switch) of the popular game “Pocket Monster” series released on November 15 was released on the 9th. Pokemon Ponita, appearing in the first series of the series, appears in the game as “Garuaru no Shou”. (* Appears on shield)

The ponita has been of a little type until now, but it becomes an esper type in the case of Galar, and as a Pokémon, it is 0.8 meters high and weighs 23 kilograms, and its characteristics are dark / pastel bales.

The ponita has long lived in a forest in the Galar region, and is said to have changed to a unique form of the region as a result of having been exposed to life energy full of forests for generations. Inhaled life energy in the air, can be stored in the mane, the more energy is filled, the more colorful the mane will shine.

The new pastel veil that is new from this work can prevent you and your allies from getting stuck. It also has the effect of restoring your allies from the state when you enter battle.

This Ponita (Galar no Suga) has appeared in the 24-hour live broadcast WEB program “Pokemon Live Camera” that took place from the 4th to the 5th. “What is it?” “New Ponita?” The details remained unknown until today, but the details were revealed in this official announcement.

The adventures of “Pokemon Sword Shield” are set in a vast Galar region with various expressions such as calm countryside, modern city, majestic grassland and rugged snowy mountains. Here, people and Pokémon live together and develop industry in cooperation, and the player’s main character aims to become a longed-for champion of “gym” scattered in this region.

Want to feel a unicorn?

Ponita seems to be Esper type in the latest Pokemon.

I ’m completely a generation of the first Pokémon,

Ponita is a flame.

The latest ponita is a little cute in form,

I feel like I ’m approaching Locon.

Maybe the current trend.

Even so, the switch version is the latest Pokemon,

Now kids are having fun with cutting-edge game consoles.

Isn’t there a small number of people who can do it?

In our time we used Game Boy pockets and collars,

As expected, the house that changes the switch

I do n’t think so many | ω ・)

Maybe unexpectedly

Adults doing it | ω ・)



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