Popular snacks in Korea, confused by raw materials [from Japan]

In Korea, attention has been focused on the main ingredients of “sweet potato snacks” and “Osatsu”, which are known as hit products of Hete Seika.

The main ingredient “sweet potato pasta” is written in Japan, and the ripples are spreading in Korea where the “Japanese non-buying movement” is expanding.

In the first place, “Osatsu” is a product that has received technical support from a company called “Hete Calbee”, a joint venture between Hete Confectionery and Japanese Calbee.

Hete and Calbee both founded the joint venture in the early 1990s, but in 1997, the joint venture was disbanded while Hete Confectionery went bankrupt due to the currency crisis. Later, Hete invested the factory in Gangwon Province in kind, and Calbee invested the same level of cash, and “Hete Calbee” was re-established in 2011.

In 2003, “Osatsu”, which appeared in the Korean market, was so popular that it recorded an average monthly sales of 2.5 billion won (approx. 250 million yen). The popularity continues to this day, and it is a hit product enough to make it into the top 10 snack sales of a large mart last year.

“Osatsu” is a popular snack that has been sold in Japan for about 30 years and uses Japanese brand names in Korea. It is a product name made by combining the exclamation word “Oh!” And the Japanese “Sweet potato”.

However, since it has become a popular snack in Korea, it has no image of Japanese sweets. Therefore, I am surprised that the main material is “made in Japan”.


Does the taste change if you change the ingredients?

Still continuing

In Korea

It is a non-buy movement made in Japan,

This kind of thing happens absolutely, right?

If you sell in Korea and the material is made in Japan,

Is it safe because it is a Korean product?


Japanese barge


Isn’t it also divided there and colliding?

Let ’s eat delicious food | ω ・)



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