Manga Pokemon is the last issue in the November issue!

The manga “Pocket Monster” (Mr. Kosaku Anakubo), based on the popular game “Pocket Monster”, will finally reach the final edition in the November issue of the serial magazine “Monthly Korokoro Comic” (Shogakukan) on the 11th, on the official website It was announced. Lastly, Pokemon that appeared in the past will gather, and the curtain will end in the 23-year series.

This work is the first comicalized work of the game that was started in 1996 in the same year the original game was released. The main character, Red, travels to complete the Pokémon picture book, and his partner, Pippi, is a gag comic that causes a riot.

The popular Pokemon Pippi is drawn as a “Gag Pokemon”, and a story that incorporates comedy and screaming “Giepy!” Has gained popularity. In the magazine, it is a long-lived comic after “Super Mario” (serialized since 1990). It has been the longest serialized Pokemon comic book.

In the final round, Pikachu, Togepi, Charizon, Kamex, Barky, and other Pokemon who appeared in the past gathered together to convey the words of gratitude to the readers, “Thank you for Pokémon last time !! Thank you for 23 years !!”.

The work is also serialized in “Korokoro Aniki” and the title is now published as “Pocket Monster Aniki”. It is undecided what will happen in the future.

It was still serialized

I watched cartoon Pokemon when I was in elementary school.

I never thought it was still going on.

Pippi, which was generally considered cute

Made the opposite image

Isn’t the achievement of this work great?

Looking at the image,

I think the touch of the work has changed slightly.

The history of 23 years is amazing.

Since Pokemon was released

That means that many years have passed.



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