Victory over Scotland

◇ Rugby World Cup 1 League Group A Japan 28-21 Scotland (October 13, 2019 Nissan Su)

The Japan national team, ranked 8th in the world ranking, won 28-21 against Scotland, ranked 9th in the final round of the first league. In the first four rounds of the first league, he scored 19 points and finished first in the group, making it the first ever final tournament. He participated in nine consecutive tournaments since the first tournament in 1987, and finally reached the top 8 in the world at this tournament, which became the host country.

When Japan was attacked with an accurate kick from Scotland in the first 7 minutes, it was connected to SH Raidrow and SO Russell from the rack and allowed the first try (goal success). After that, the opponent’s low-launch tackle prevented him from making a chance, and in the 16th minute SO Tamura’s PG came off and it seemed unpleasant, but WTB Matsushima tried to fight back in the 18th minute. WTB Fukuoka, who received the ball from CTB Rafaele, drove along the touch line and made an off-road pass to Matsushima. Matsushima made a good try and decided to try (Tamura’s goal success), and caught 7-7.

In the 26th minute, Matsushima broke through and gained a big gain. HO Horie, LO Moore, and FB Tupou connected the ball from the rack while tackling, and finally PR Inagaki brought it under the goal post and tried to win (Tamura goal succeeded) ). In the 39th minute just before the end of the first half, Fukuoka picked up a kick to Rafaele’s touch line and jumped straight into the left corner (Tamura’s goal was successful), leading 21-7 and turning the first half.

Japan’s momentum did not decline in the second half, and in the third minute of the rise, when the Scotland attack was stopped by himself, Fukuoka, who picked up the spilled ball, continued to run alone, and Team 4 tried (Tamura goal success). After that, Scotland, who changed his players and regained his breath, was allowed to make consecutive trials with a 7-point difference of 21-28. However, he managed to win the opponent’s onslaught for the remaining 25 minutes.

The victory against Scotland is the first time in 30 years since the test match in May 1989 (Scotland side did not certify) that raised the great Venus 28-24. Borrowed back to the “nemesis” who was defeated 10-45 at the last 15-year tournament.

Japan in the 1st place in Group A will face South Africa in the 2nd place in Group B in the quarter finals on the 20th. The country won 34-32 in the first round of the first league of the previous tournament, and it is expected that “Brighton’s miracle” will be reproduced at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo this time.

Isn’t it the strongest representative in all history to win?

Japan National Rugby National Team defeated Scotland.

I think that those who are cheering on TV etc. are feeling weak,

Japan’s strength is world class

It has evolved to

While saying that the opponent is so strong and powerful

It has survived with all wins.

The last World Cup also defeated South Africa

I was told that I became stronger,

Compared to that time

At an important point


I think that has become very small.

Isn’t it very good now?

If you’re cheering for sports

Eat a big turn

The image is strong,

The rugby representative from Japan is very stable.

While the opponent is strong

There are scenes where the opponent’s impatience and anger come out from the middle,

Isn’t it a very good mood?

It ’s a complete Japanese home game,

The part that can be raised in the atmosphere seems to be large | ω ・)



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