NHK [Idaten] update audience rating again

Episode 39 of the NHK Taiga drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic Samurai” (Sunday after 8:00), where Kabuki actor Kankuro Nakamura (37) and actor Sadao Abe (49) are double stars. Was broadcast on the 13th, and it was found on the 15th that the average audience rating was 3.7% (according to video research, Kanto area). Japan TV “Rugby World Cup Japan x Scotland” (after 7.30-9.54), which was the first program in Japan to advance to the final tournament, recorded a high audience rating of 39.2% on average. On August 25th, it was 1.3 points lower than 5.00% and updated its Taiga worst record again.

The first episode (January 6) = 15.5%, while making good progress, Episode 6 (February 10) = 9.9%, down one digit. Since then, he has struggled with 34 consecutive single digits.

Even though there is a rugby World Cup / Japan match in the back program this night, “Shinsei” entered Twitter trend at 9 pm 15 minutes after the end of the broadcast, “Mikawa” “Mibu” “Katsu Komatsu” Yahoo ! On top of real-time search. Each time, several related words are talking about the Internet, but they are not linked to real-time household audience ratings.

The 40th episode scheduled for 20th of this month is suspended. The rugby World Cup quarter-final “Japan x South Africa” (later 7: 00-9.50) scheduled for BS-1 will be broadcast on terrestrial and general television.

The 58th Taiga Drama “Idaten” is the “Modern Taiga” for the first time in 33 years since 1986 “Life”. In the first half of 2013, the screenwriter “Amachan”, a screenwriter who created a social phenomenon, Kankuroro Miyafuji made his first challenge to the Taiga screenplay and worked on the original work. The theme is “Tokyo” and “Olympic Games” in preparation for the 20th Tokyo Olympics. From the 1912 Stockholm tournament, when Japan first participated in the Olympics, to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, it depicts half a century of Japanese turbulence.

Kankuro is called “Father of Japanese Marathon” and has participated in the Olympic Games as a Japanese for the first time in the Olympics. Acting as a newspaper reporter and politics (Masaji Tabata), who became the host of the Tokyo Games. A rakugo writer, Shinsei Koimatei (1890-1973), called the “Showa Daimyo”, navigates the story. Beat Takeshi (72) is the role of Shinsei, and Miyoshi Moriyama (35) is the actor who plays the role of Young Shimizu and Takazo Minobe.

Episode 39 is “Nostalgic Manchuria”. The reason why Gorin (Ryunosuke Kamiki) was written as a disciple for his life was written on the postcard of his father, Masaru Komatsu (Tanaka Nakano). The “major hidden line” from the first time was recovered.

A student who has fallen due to cerebral hemorrhage (Takeshi Beat) tells his disciple Gorin (Kanki) when he went to Manchuria for soldiers during the war. Takakura (Miyama Moriyama), who traveled around Manchuria with Sanyutei Sansei (Nanamura Nakanosuke), met Komatsu Masaru (Nakano). Eventually the end of the war. Takazo’s wife, Orin (Natsuho) visited Nihonbashi’s bar “Rose” to find out the safety of her husband who did not return home, but Tabata (Abe) appeared there…

Did you dislike changing balls?

Idaten also updated the minimum audience rating.

Of course, Rugby representative from Japan

I played a really good game

There is also,

People who want to see drama basically see the whole story,

It seems that there are few people who expect too much.


Make the theme of next year’s Olympics.

It should have been said at the production stage,

It ’s not possible to update the lowest of those ties

I feel a little sad.

If you don’t want to wear rugby,

I think it was very unlucky,

Well, the result is public opinion.




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